Monday, November 13, 2006

Amazon and Google use Table-Based Layouts

This is my addition to the already over-blogged "table-based vs. CSS-based layout" debate. The older, tried-and-true technique for laying out web pages is to use HTML tables. A newer way is to use CSS Floats. Neither floats nor tables were ever intended to be used for page layout. I won't restate what's been stated but here are my 2 cents on the issue:

  1. The benefits of float-based layouts are overstated.
  2. The difficulty in using float based layouts are understated.
  3. One of the benefits of float-based layouts is separation of content from layout. This benefit can be achieved in other ways, for example on the server-side, by using XSLT, sitemesh or portal technologies.
  4. Amazon and Google use table-based layouts. That has to count for something.
[Update: 5/1/2009] : Today, Amazon and Google's both use CSS based layouts. And so do I.

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